Spring transitions at Three Rivers

With ice-out in the pond behind our home, it appears that spring has finally arrived this year. Opinions vary about the sure signs of Minnetonka_pond_copy.jpgspring. For some, it’s the return of bird songs to greet the dawn. For my wife Kim, the transition has something to do with clothing colors and fabrics; a seasonal rite I have never fully grasped.

For me, the sure sign of spring is when the snow pile meringues give up their hidden treasures. I have lately been finding all sorts of surprises in my yard, and not just the early crocuses. I am discovering tools I forgot I ever owned.

I’m not sure what it is about spring that prompts such a feeling of discovery and renewal. For our ancestors who lived before the advent of central heating and snow blowers, it was probably gratitude for surviving another Minnesota winter. These days, it’s far less life threatening, but still meaningful.

There’s a certain energy born of cleaning out the old and starting life anew. Digging out the garden tools and straightening up the garage. Washing the last of the road salt off the car and tuning up the mower. Blowing the carbon out of our insulated winter lives, and rediscovering our neighbors across the back fence.

It’s much the same for us at Three Rivers as we transition from winter to spring activities at our parks and on our trails. We need to be ready when our customers swap their skis and snowshoes for hiking boots, bikes and golf clubs; as they store their parkas and break out the swimsuits.

JuniorClinic4.jpgFor our dedicated maintenance and facilities staff, these are some of the busiest days of the year. Those at Hyland Ski & Snowboard Area are working hard to transition from a winter recreation hub to summer activities. At Glen Lake Golf Center in Minnetonka, they are diligently getting the clubhouse, course and practice facilities ready for another year of challenging my golfing prowess.

Spring is a busy, exciting time at Three Rivers, with our trails, play areas, golf courses and other facilities opening nearly every day. If you still aren’t convinced of spring’s arrival, consider this: in less than two months, the swim pond at Lake Minnetonka Regional Park will be open! For more information about our parks and trails, please be sure to visit www.ThreeRiversParks.org.



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John Gunyou
Three Rivers Parks Board Chair