Help us connect more kids with nature!

Getting-out-on-the-trail-one-of-our-core-club-activities1-1024x682.jpgPlease consider supporting our Wonder Fund to help Three Rivers connect even more children with nature. This fund awards mini-grants to school groups and individuals with demonstrated financial need to allow more youth to experience our excellent parks, camps and programs. Last year, our educational programs engaged more than 100,000 students, and nearly 12,000 of these children relied on charitable contributions from people like you. Keep reading to learn how you can help make a difference in young lives . . .

Parks, trails and natural areas have always been an important part of my life. I grew up family camping and boating, and never forgot my first boundary waters experience as an Eagle Scout.

Many of us are fortunate to share such childhood experiences.  They help foster our sense of wonder as we explore natural curiosities, enhance our environmental education and discover new outdoor adventures.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to these opportunities.  Schools with a high percentage of students who receive free or reduced lunch miss out on the chance to make subjects come alive through field trips.  And without resources to take advantage of structured activities like camps, these same children often spend their school break indoors at home in front of a screen.

The mission of Three Rivers Park District is to promote environmental stewardship through recreation and education in a natural resources-based park system.  Our vision plan calls for greater outreach to diverse populations, more environmental education opportunities for school-aged children, and expanded mentoring and outdoor leadership training for teens.

My father taught me long ago that we don't plant trees for ourselves, we plant them for our grandchildren. The natural environment we enjoy today is the legacy our forefathers and foremothers left for us. I believe we honor their foresight by helping young people learn about nature, develop a connection with their natural environment, and appreciate the importance of a healthy planet.

Tax-deductible donations make it possible for school groups and children with financial need to share in these important experiences. Unfortunately, demand for our Wonder Fund consistently outpaces available resources.

Your donation to Three Rivers Park District can open a child’s eyes through nature education and outdoor recreation.  Every contribution is important, because for as little as $3.50 a student can be provided a wonder-filled field trip that will become a life-changing memory.

You can also become a Wonder Funder by making a secure, online donation at Wonder Fund. Just go to this link and click on “The Wonder Fund.” Remember, contributions are tax deductible and a gift of $100 can fund a field trip for an entire class!

Thank you so much for your consideration of this important need.

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John Gunyou
Three Rivers Parks Board Chair