Emerald Ash Borer management

imgres.jpgLike many park agencies, Three Rivers is working to minimize the inevitable impact of Emerald Ash Borers (EAB) on our parks. To avoid the catastrophic impact of thousands of ash trees dying within a short period of time, we have begun a selective and incremental reduction in the number of ash trees in the public areas of our parks. Removing some ash trees before EAB is widespread in the Twin Cities area allows us to replant those areas now with new trees. We plan to remove about ten percent of our ash trees each year, with visual impacts minimized by spreading the removals across the parks. Priorities for removal include trees in crowded clumps that can be thinned out, dying or defective trees, and trees that have other younger trees beneath them. Initial efforts will focus on Baker, Hyland, Cleary, Crow-Hassan, Elm Creek, French, Lake Rebecca, and The Landing.

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John Gunyou
Three Rivers Parks Board Chair