Brooklyn Center Schools Partnership

111315_Newsworthy.jpgThree Rivers and Brooklyn Center Schools are now working together in a unique partnership. Farm Educators from Gale Woods are visiting middle and high school classrooms multiple times during the year, and most of the students will take a field trip to the farm once this fall and again next spring. Most recently, 120 students learned about farming, harvested carrots for their school cafeteria, harvested Swiss chard and made chard muffins, sampled farm-fresh apple cider and met our livestock. The 100 pounds of carrots they brought back to school will be prepped for the cafeteria salad bar by students during the knife skills unit of their culinary arts program. Best student quote of the day: “Man, these are really good carrots. If I was growing these I’d sell them and get rich!”

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John Gunyou
Three Rivers Parks Board Chair